Video: Fever the Ghost, ‘Calico’

by Seraphina Lotkhamnga on August 28, 2014

As if anything was needed to heighten the psychedelic, acid-trippy qualities of their music, Fever the Ghost has dropped a wonky, hallucinatory and slightly NSFW video directed by Jesus Rivera (aka Demonbabies). The song itself is titled “Calico” and is a taste of the quartet’s “Crab in Honey” EP, which came out in January the U.S. and will get a Sept. 29 release in the U.K. now that the band has signed to Heavenly Recordings. Previously wowing us at BBLA’s “Dear Austin, Love, L.A.” SXSW 2014 showcase and making our Band to Watch list, it’s been a fruitful year for the foursome of Casper Indrizzo, Bobby Victor, Nicolas Overhauser and Mason Rothschild, and they’ll keep busy as they prepare for a tour with label-mates Temples and contribute to Wayne Coyne’s “Sgt. Pepper” tribute. A full-length is expected early next year. Here’s to the mighty fine combination of loud and originality.

||| Live: Fever the Ghost play Sept. 25 at the Fonda and Sept. 26 at the Glass House in Pomona.

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Video: Night Club, ‘She Wants To Play With Fire’

by Michelle Shiers on August 28, 2014

Having just released a B-movie-inspired video for “She Wants To Play With Fire” Los Angeles duo Night Club yet again bring us into their seedy underworld of dominatrix synth. Singer Emily Kavanaugh’s video battle with a vengeful Tarantino-esque female leaves her hair tousled and lipstick smudged enough to reawaken Madonna’s naughtier side. On their forthcoming EP “Black Leather Heart,” (out next week), Kavanaugh and her other musical half, DJ/producer Mark Brooks, continue to create a provocative soundtrack for the dark corners of dirty synth-pop minds. Inspired by a lusty fusion of death metal-meets-Britney Spears, Night Club are resurrecting the sexier and more dangerous parts of ’80s dance-glam.

||| Live: Night Club perform Sept. 3 at the Melody Lounge in Chinatown.

||| Previously: “Control,” “Strobe Light”
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Stream: Ty Segall, ‘Feel’

by Kevin Bronson on August 28, 2014


Allow us to join the chorus praising Ty Segall, the incredibly prolific rocker who this week released his seventh album since 2008 (not counting various collaborations, including one with White Fence, and his work in Fuzz, etc.). Segall’s new album “Manipulator” (out this week via Drag City) feels like a cumulation of everything he’s done since we first encountered him about 2008; in fact, it’s one of those albums that feels like the sum of everything everybody’s done since the 1960s. As KEXP pointed out about the single “Susie Thumb,” the album fuses garage, glam, grunge; its wild spirit and made-for-vinyl production (courtesy of Chris Woodhouse) give “Manipulator” (which at 17 tracks check in at about an hour) a timeless quality. If you grew up in the ’60s or ’70s, you should celebrate an album that sounds like this without resorting to pat retro-ism. If you’re a Segall contemporary, you’re a lucky kid.

||| Stream: “Feel”

||| Live: Ty Segall headlines the Echo tonight, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Advance tickets for all four shows are sold out, although the venue says a limited amount of tickets might be available at the door.

Photo by Denee Petracek


Thoroughly Thursday:

► The Twilight Concert Series at the Santa Monica Pier continues its run of free Thursday shows, with good vibes from Lee “Scratch” Perry and Mexico 68.
► Long-running post-punk outfit Mission of Burma rocks the Roxy, supported by GRMLN and Terror Tuesday.
► Accordion masters/zydeco phenoms Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys bring a slice of Louisiana to the Skirball Cultural Center for its free Sunset Concerts series (7 p.m.) — there will be a dance floor in place for tonight’s show.
► Fresh off a big set at FYF Fest, Ty Segall kicks off four consecutive nights at the Echo in support of his new album “Manipulator” (out this week). Meatbodies and Birth Defects open.
Jason Mraz appears at the Pantages Theatre in support of his new album “Yes!,” his fifth. Raining Jane supports. Above is Mraz’s video for “Love Someone,” off the new album.
► It’s a second night of Jack Johnson and Bahamas at the Greek Theatre.
► And garage-rock trio Terry Malts [high five] plays Los Globos behind their new “insides” EP, with Girl Tears, Mall Walk and Feels supporting.

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MIA set times

Made In America, the festival spearheaded by Jay Z’s entertainment company Roc Nation, kicks off in downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Park on Saturday, Aug. 30 and will last through Sunday, Aug. 31. (An East coast Made In America festival is also happening in Philadelphia the same weekend.) Acts include big names such as Kanye West, Steve Aoki, Imagine Dragons and Afrojack but also includes some fresher, up-and-coming acts such as Terraplane Sun, Scavenger Hunt, Dr. Dog and more.

Set times for four stages altogether (Dylan, Marilyn, James Dean and the Skate Park stage) have been revealed. Above, a clickable photo of set times. Below, a text list of set times.  [click to continue…]


Video: Babes, ‘ATMO’

by Seraphina Lotkhamnga on August 27, 2014

As we’ve mentioned before, Babes‘ “horny-and-sad” M.O. comes through in living color when it comes to their music videos. Their video for “ATMO (Always Turning Me On)” directed by Drew Kordik finds inspiration from the Los Angeles band’s real-life love hotline (if you don’t believe us, go ahead and call 470-Babes-77) and stars Lourdes Hernandez (aka Russian Red, aka the “Spanish Feist”) as a phone sex operator who really enjoys her job. Although no one actually strips in the clip, watch at your own discretion since the implied motions here may very well be NSFW.  Don’t let the doo-wop undertones fool you. Babes know what they’re doing and you’ll have a laugh once you know too.

||| Live: Babes play Sept. 21 at Sunset Strip Music Festival and Oct. 15 at the Troubadour.

||| Previously: “Dad,” “Isn’t It Love,” “Die” [click to continue…]


Video: Wild Party ‘When I Get Older’

by Michelle Shiers on August 27, 2014

San Antonio-born Wild Party recently released their catchy new music video for “When I Get Older” — a story of four young boys who grow up to be corporate professionals and spend their time pining for the days when they were hungry musicians. Currently on tour with label-mates Hellogoodbye, Wild Party live up to their name with an optimistic indie-power-pop sensibility built from sweet melodies, catchy oh-oh choruses, infectious riffs and pulsing rhythms. Having toured with the Wombats and performing at SXSW, Wild Party have gained fast recognition for their quick-witted and flat-out fun tunes made for house-party dance floors. Singer Lincoln Kreifels pushes feel-good vibes with hopeful lyrics and an indie-fresh vocal timbre; members also include Lucas Hughes (guitar), Ethan Kaufmann(bass) and Cary LaScala (drums). Wild Party will be releasing their debut album “Phantom Pop” on Oct. 7 via Old Friends Record.

||| Live:  Wild Party plays tonight at the Satellite with Taylor Locke and Flagship.  [click to continue…]



Stream: KAV, ‘Dance in Panic’

by Kevin Bronson on August 27, 2014


The long-in-the-works full-length album from KAV — the nom de tune of Kavin Sandhu — is informed by the singer-guitarist’s dual residency in L.A. and London, as well as his long resumé that included DJ gigs at London’s Getloaded club nights. He was guitarist in the third incarnation of the Happy Mondays, so there’s tint of old Madchester in KAV’s “The Man With No Shadow” (out this week via Wild Echo Records). The album’s scuzzy fuzz-bombs find the sonic midpoint between Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Kasabian, so this is not your-nephew-from-Echo-Park’s garage rock. Instead, it’s the world as viewed through the smudged lens of somebody who’s kicked up years of dust — who, as he sneers in his best Gallagher late in the 15-song, 55-minute opus, is always tempted to say, “I’m gonna tell you a secret.”

||| Stream: “Dance in Panic” and “Man With No Shadow”

||| Live: KAV celebrates his album release with a show Saturday night at the Satellite, supported by Bonfire Beach, Dark Furs and Batwings Catwings.

||| Also: After the jump, check out the video for the album closer “Lonely Men”:
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Stream: Dekades, ‘Red Trolley’

by Kevin Bronson on August 27, 2014


A lot of bands spend a lot of calories lengths to make their music come off as dark, heavy and dangerous. Arden Fisher seems to get the job done by simply plugging in her guitar. Abetted by Josh Benton and Chris Cano, Fisher’s band Dekades has not-so-quietly flown the Goth rock flag proudly the past year and a a half, releasing the EP “1.1″ last fall and now brewing up bewitching new tunes. The trio’s latest single “Red Trolley” pulses with teeth-clenching anxiety before convulsing in fury — no grand theatrics needed.

||| Stream: “Red Trolley”

||| Live: Dekades play the final installment of their residency at Hemingway’s tonight.

||| Previously: “1.1,” “You & Him,” “Dark Horse”


Jack Johnson does the first of two nights at the Greek Theatre with Matt Costa.
Ed Sheeran visits the Staples Center behind his chart-topping second album, “x.” Above, the video for “Don’t.”
► The legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry & Subatomic Soundsystem, along with Lloyd Hemmings and the Awah Band, make it a very special night of Dub Club at the Echoplex.
► Oklahoma garage-rockers Broncho, whose new album “Just Enough Hip To Be Woman” is out Sept 16, headline the Echo, supported by Joel Jerome & Babies On Acid, Low Litas and Unkle Funkle.
► And Texas power-pop outfit Wild Party rocks the Satellite, supported by Taylor Locke and Flagship at the Satellite

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