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by Kevin Bronson on December 16, 2011

Our celebration of the local music of 2011 continues today at 11 a.m. on Moheak Radio, when the Buzz Bands LA Show carries on with the countdown of BBLA’s favorite 100 local songs of the year. Last week we made it from No. 100 to No. 69, and this second week we’ll roar through a playlist that is sure to put a spring in your step. After the jump, a recap of last week’s countdown and, as the show progresses, the playlist from today’s show:

Week 1 countdown (Dec. 9)
100. Voxhaul Broadcast, “Broken Nerve”
99. Caught a Ghost, “Sleeping at Night”
98. Maxime Sokolinski, “Feels Like”
97. Light FM, “Mercy”
96. Olin & the Moon, “Repeat”
95. Miracle Parade, “Son Son (Son)”
94. The Submarines, “Birds”
93. Arrica Rose & the …’s, “Nothing Nada Nothing”
92. The Ross Sea Party, “Broken Arrows”
91. Rademacher, “They Are Always Into That”
90. yOya, “Lovers On”
89. Post War Quartet, “Contemporary Nightmare”
88. Two Guns, “Happening”
87. Mia Doi Todd, “My Baby Lives in Paris”
86. Liquid Love Letter, “Everyone Said”
85. Abandoned Pools, “In Silence”
84. Davis Fetter, “Euphoria”
83. Minutes ’Til Midnight, “Medicate or Stimulate”
82. The Lonely Wild, “Out of My Mind”
81. David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels, “Paint the Town”
80. Little Brutes, “Do It All Again”
79. The Airborne Toxic Event, “All I Ever Wanted”
78. Judson McKinney, “People Grow Up So Slow”
77. The Janks, “Hands of Time”
76. Nightmare & the Cat, “The Missing Year”
75. Imperial Mammoth, “Eyes”
74. Jonathan Wilson, “Ballad of the Pines”
73. Monstro Flora, “21″
72. If By Yes, “You Feel Right”
71. Electric Flower, “Four16″
70. Hands, “Warm Night Home”
69. Tennis System, “Arcane”

Week 2 countdown (Dec. 16)
68. League, “How Do I Know”
67. Frankel, “Cartoon Heart”
66. Grouplove, “Love Will Save Your Soul”
65. Y LUV, “Earthquakes”
64. Cassettes Won’t Listen, “Perfect Day”
63. Am & Shawn Lee, “Dark Into Light”
62. Nick Waterhouse, “i Can Only Give You Everything”
61. Nicholas Ruth, “Try Again”
60. A House for Lions, “Ease My Mind”
59. Youngblood Hawke, “Rootless”
58. Correatown, “Further”
57. The One AM Radio, “Sunlight”
56. Cillie Barnes, “Hey Hi”
55. Bikos, “You Want It”
54. KING, “The Story”
53. HoneyHoney, “Let’s Get Wrecked”
52. Monte Mar, “Wine and Camouflage”
51. Pollyn, “How Small We Are”
50. David Shane Smith, “Shampoo”
49. Chasing Kings, “Maybe It’s the Distance”
48. Jenny O, “Well OK Honey”
47. 2 Hearts and Chemicals, “Coming Home”
46. Flora & Fauna, “Secret Preference”
45. Saint Motel, “Puzzle Pieces”
44. United Ghosts, “Holes Into the Night”
43. Ximena Sarinana, “Different”
42. LA Font, “Sharks”
41. The Spires, “Waves”
40. White Arrows, “Get Gone”

— and the rest next week —


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