Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits: about to multiply

by Kevin Bronson on September 16, 2010


Funny thing happened some time after Silver Lake faves Mezzanine Owls went on (what now looks like permanent) hiatus in late 2008: Frontman Jack Burnside was asked to play a show opening for Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin. “I thought he was playing solo,” Burnside says, “but when I learned he had a band, I thought I should probably get one too.”

Poof. Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits were born, with bassist Jenni Tarma (Kylie Minogue, Junior Senior, Har Mar Superstar, Eskimohunter), multi-instrumentalist/producer Dan Horne (the Lilys, Mezzanine Owls, among others) and guitarist Chris Newcomer (Polls).

On the quartet’s debut EP, Burnside backs off a bit from the popgazing found on the MezzOwls’ “Slingshot Echoes” but still sketches his emotional wrestling matches on a canvas of beautifully noisy guitar. The results are plaintive, often poetic, ruminations about coping in a viscous world.

“I guess you could interpret [the songs] as about who you are once your context changes,” Burnside says. “There are lines about walls melting away, about conveyor streets, a floor turning into ice, a house swallowing you … How much does [context] inform who we are? I hope that people will hear these songs and hear them say something about them.”

||| Live: Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits celebrate their release Sept. 24 at the Echo, and also play Oct. 19 at Origami Vinyl.

||| Also: Stream the whole EP at their Bandcamp page.


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