Ears Wide Open: Satellite Crush

by Kevin Bronson on November 4, 2009

[One in a series of new music in and around L.A. …]


There’s always been a strong Britpop current in L.A., and no shortage of Anglophile-leaning fans to get caught in the undertow. New local quartet Satellite Crush is going with that flow, fashioning the dreamy, misty-eyed pop that could have accompanied thousands of lonely, late-night rides on the Tube in the 1990s. The foursome’s “Arrows of Eros” EP (coming later this month) is a bit lovelorn — inspired by the time frontman Elliot Craig spent in London after graduating from art school in Ohio. Here, with bandmates Timmy Pai, Sammy Siddall and Chris Maxson, the songs are fleshed out, echoing, at moments, warm and familiar material from the Cure and the Dandy Warhols.

||| Download: “Jealousy”


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Mom November 5, 2009 at 3:06 pm

Hey Elliot

LOVE the song!!! A little hard to hear the words though.

Great description above though some of the stuff I don’t know what it means. —-must be the energy gap!

Love, Mom

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